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The Silver Valley of Northern Idaho is truly a "Total buyers market" right now for many reasons. Real Estate investment opportunities like this come along once or twice in a lifetime. Kellogg Idaho was, (and really still is) becoming a world class 4 seasons resort destination! With Silver Mountain and the 'Worlds longest Gondola' drawing investors from around the world to invest in our area. A multi phase condominium project at Silver Mountain Gondola base began several years ago and broke condominium sales records like nobody ever imagined! Selling out in 1 day! (Over 70 units) With every new phase doing the same. 5 star condominiums and town houses springing up everywhere, A new golf course with beautiful home site lots. A new upper end sub-division, a fantastic indoor water park all surrounded by the Silver Valley itself, which is just this side of Paradise. Tremendous hunting and fishing , a 72 mile scenic bike path meandering through beautiful lakes and mountain vistas, over a thousand miles of wild, beautiful snowmobile and 4 wheel trails... The Silver Valley of Northern Idaho was , (again... and still is), poised to be the next Park City Utah, or Sun Valley, or... You get the picture. Investors buying city blocks, this old mining community rapidly becoming a 1st class resort community, then.... screeeeech.... It all came to a halt. The economy, take your pick on where to place the blame for that. Personally I think the media and powers that be kept yelling "recession" so people stopped buying... EVERYTHING... and caused a recession. So, Here we are!...

I said all of that to say this, now hear me.. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!!!! I truly believe that People who invest in this market in this area, RIGHT NOW, are going to make a serious return on their investment! Real Estate Markets like this one... in areas... like this one, Make Millionaires. When our economy starts to move again, and it will, property values are going to pick up right where they left off, but don't just take my word for it, check our local m.l.s. (there are links on this page) and see what has happened to Real Estate prices in the last 2 years, then Google "Silver Valley of North Idaho" and look at the growth and development that has occurred in the last decade and do the math. There are some extraordinary buys to be had right now. We recently sold (through short sale) a brand new, big, beautiful house with over $500,000 worth of materials alone for under $275,000.
Give one of our agents a call at their numbers listed above and let us know what you're looking for, and let's get this ball rolling again! I know most assuredly that a few years down the road there will be those who made a lot of money in this market and there will be those who will be saying, "Man, I should have bought into that when you could still get something in the Silver Valley for under $ a million!"



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